Rachel and Chandler Teach You About Windows 95

Remember the most ridiculous Windows video ever? This doesn't compare to that, but it does have Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry shilling for Microsoft's "new" Windows 95 OS. There's gotta be more hilarity found in watching two people who have no idea how to use computers struggle with screensavers and the upgrade process, but we don't have 40 minutes to go through all four videos. But you might.

This isn't a "before they were famous" video, this is a "we really need some more cash for our gigantic mansion" video. The best part was that back then nerds were still nerds, and even the narrator calls them "propellerheads". Nice.


Three more after the jump.


Promotional Windows 95 Video Starring Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry [TrappedbyDogma]

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