Radius Design Home Flame Keeps the Domestic Fires Burning the Easy Way

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As the weather gets cooler, we're starting to eagerly anticipate the romance of a fireplace, and we haven't seen any easier to deal with than this Radius Design Home Flame. Just about the only installation you need to worry about is to hang it on the wall like a picture frame, and there's no chimney, logs or smoke to deal with because it burns bio-ethanol. This one's available in black for $1000 or stainless steel for $1150. Just don't burn the house down in your quest for winter comfort and bearskin rug sports, Romeo. [The Uber Review]



Great design & there are more by this Radius company.

It is an ethanol fireplace, you have to purchase the fuel it usually comes in containers 1 liter - 4 liter (1 gal.) The fuel is usually specially formulated to give a yellow flame as camp stove ethanol has a blue flame that you can't see. There is not suppose to be a smell (as I couldn't smell anything) except when you put the flame out, just a slight alcohol smell. A few of the fuels that are being sold for these fireplaces have been approved by environment CANADA (if that helps). The info I have read is the the by-products of burning these type of ethanol fuels are water and a CO2 (levels similar to what a human produces).

Also there are other ethanol fireplaces out there: Blomus Chimo (wallmount $), EcoSmart (fire cube $$$), Planika (wall, table, cylinder $-$$), and Sungel (ethanol gel fuel). Some of the fireplaces listed have been approved by the Canadian government ULC (to my understanding if you have a fire in the house from it, it should be covered by insurance)

Hope this helped.

Still not sure if I will buy one since the cylinder ethanol "fireplace" I saw, the flame was high but not a lot of body to it.