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Rail-Thin Carbon Fiber Sony Vaio X Series Video and Details

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sony wowed us this morning with its Vaio X Series, but details are now emerging. According to this video, the .55-inch thin system may be more netbook than notebook. And boy, do I want to hold it in my arms.

Thanks to its 11.2 inch display it looks really compact and that carbon fiber outside and keyboard, oh that keyboard, make my mouth water. As for what is on the inside, we don't know much. The guys at NetbookNews say there is discussion of an Intel Atom processor (they seem to be hoping for the next generation Pineview CPU), but we won't be surprised if they go with Intel's new ULV offering. Either way it is something low powered since Sony has been touting crazy all day battery life (from the video though the battery doesn't seem to be replaceable).


Now it would be typical Sony to jack up the price on this 1.5 pound baby, but I am thinking it might not be as high as some anticipate (crossing my fingers for under $750). Don't forget Sony was saying a few months ago it wants to enter the low cost ultraportable space. Our sources tell us this sweet lappie will launch sometime in October with Windows 7. [Netbook News]