Illustration for article titled Sony Bringing Touchscreen Vaios This Fall, PSN Content Possible As Well

Sony has some touchscren Vaios planned for this fall to coincide with the release of Windows 7, which features more robust touchscreen support than Vista. It's also working on bringing content from the PlayStation Network to VAIOs at some point.


One of Sony's Senior VPs said that the company is going to be releasing some Vaio notebooks that take advantage of touch capabilities "at the launch of Win 7," which is October 22nd.

In addition, we may see the movie and TV content that you can currently download on the PS3 coming over to Vaios as well. They're also discussing bringing games over, so you can pay for the casual games that have been converted from free online flash games for the console market, right on your laptop. How convenient! [Laptop Mag via Electronista]

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