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If you've ever gotten caught in the rain riding your bike, you might have noticed that the most soaked-through part of your body was your knees and thighs. Here's an answer for that problem: Rainlegs, which are made out of wind and water-repellent parachute cloth. This unusual $43 garment rolls up into a very small package that you wear around your waist like a belt, and then if you get caught in a cloudburst, you simply roll them down and cover up those legs. These look like they would work for runners and walkers, too, where even when you have a raincoat on, your legs get soaking wet in a downpour. It just happened to me the other day. Now if they can just come up with a solution for that wet-back-from-the-tirewash problem, we writing riders of the blogosphere could stay completely dry while riding in the rain. Or we could just stay inside in our pajamas.

Rainlegs For When the Sky is Falling [Treehugger]