The world is brimming with haters ready and more than willing to tell you just how much you suck and can't do a damn thing right. But never mind them. If you've got something to express, it's your responsibility to express it.

Sol Lewitt, an American artist at the forefront of the 1960's minimalist movement, shared similar sentiments with fellow sculptor Eva Hesse in a four-page letter of passionate encouragement in 1965. It urged her to ignore self-doubt and continue producing art. And it's a damn good thing too because Hesse went on to lead the move from minimalism to postminimalism, leaving behind an incredible legacy of pioneering work in the latex, fiberglass, and plastic mediums.


The letter, which can be read in its entirety here, has since been routinely used as a source of inspiration by artists. Tim Armstrong, the frontman for Rancid, has adapted LeWitt's words into music. The Band worked with producer Aaron Rose to create the song. Rose also worked with Thomas McMahan to create the animation for the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.

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