Raon Everun Note, A Beefy Tiny Laptop for Under $900

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Mini-notes like the MSI Wind are nice and everything, but for the really good stuff, sometimes you still need to import. The Raon Everun Note looks like a fantastic little machine, weighing a scant 1.63 pounds but featuring a full-out AMD Turion 64x2 Dual Core 1.2GHz procesor, 128MB of ATI discrete graphics power, 7" 1024x600 touchscreen, 85% full size keyboard, 60GB hard drive, 1GB RAM, XP, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SD storage and dual monitor support (up to 1920x1200!). Running for a little over 2 hours per charge, the Raon Everun starts at a reasonable $879.00 and ships this month. [Dynamism]


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These are available at [Conics.net] already for much less! Also he has a video review on Youtube.

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