Razer Moray In-Ear Headphones Lightning Review (Great for $40)

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The Gadget: Moray in-ear headphones from gaming gear giant Razer, designed to be ultra-bassy and equally suited for MP3 players or Nintendo DSes.The Price: $40. The Verdict : Razer’s surprisingly strong suit appears to be audio. While the build quality of Moray is pretty typical of $40 buds (and sadly, Razer gear all-around), they definitely perform above and beyond their class. Like V-Moda’s Vibes, they’re all about bass, and pack plenty of surprisingly rich punch there. But they also suffer a bit from the same problem that plagues most bass-heavy buds—slightly muddy sound in mids and highs. Still, these seemed to be as clear as the $100 Vibes, if not more so, in my mix of test tracks from several different genres. They come with three pairs of buds—small, medium and large—which have a weird rubber/plastic hybrid feel to them. Not unpleasant, per se, just kinda cheap feeling. The seal isn’t quite as firm as with pricier buds, but it’s not bad. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend these for jazz or anything that you would demand super exceptional clarity for (you would really need to step up to a higher price range there), they’re very capable for their class, and are a solid choice if you mostly listen to hip-hop or rock (or you know, game). [Razer]



After playing around with a few bassy earbuds, I've decided to steer clear of them, because after a while, the quality of their punch was not good enough to keep me happy with the abundance of punch they actually had. The Shures cost a lot more, but are just too perfect for me. I'm sure bassheads will love these though. Just stay away from Skullcandy's. They make baby Jesus cry.