Razer THX Mako 2.1 Speakers Reviewed (Verdict: Gorgeous, Best 2.1 System Ever)

Razer is (justifiably) known for their gaming peripherals, particularly their keyboards and mice (which you love or hate, depending on what kind of games you play). On the audio front, they're slightly less battle hardened, and, by and by, most 2.1 systems are dreck. (I'll totally vouch for Logitech's ZX-2300 setup, though.) And the Mako 2.1 Advanced Desktop Audio's' premise sounds a little gimicky: rounded satellites with 360-degree, omni-directional sound. Yet Gadget Lab says "there's nary another 2.1 system that can match the Mako's performance."

The omni-directional business actually works and you can actually hear grenades chucked your from "virtually any direction." The 300W RMS of THX-certified power probably help, pushing the audio everywhere it needs to go. Highs and mids are "especially clear and resonant," though low fidelity is the where system hits a patch of weak sauce—at 400 bucks, that's a bit troubling. The only other bit of blah is the slightly unresponsive touch controls, but they system looks hot, so we can forgive it being a little cold to the touch. Maybe that's a little too much insight into our personal life. [Gadget Lab]


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