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The first keyboard from high-end gaming moue extraordinaer, Razer, is about to ship, finally. The Razer Tarantula was first announced at CES 2005, yes almost a year ago, and it again made a debut at E3 back in May with promises of an August release. A few months past the expected release and many refinements, the Tarantula is ready to hit the shelves.

Overall, Razer did a nice job with the Tarantula. If their goal was to develop a keyboard for the hardcore gamer- not your average keyboard with some lighting and a few extra buttons, but actually a keyboard just for gaming- then I would call the product a success. The Tarantula is packed with functions and when the drivers are used properly (this may take a lot of time and effort) the keyboard can help your gaming performance.


Good stuff. The Tarantula is currently available for $99.

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