It makes total sense that Razer would have an iOS gaming controller for iPhone and iPod touch in the works, which is why we think that these photos from reliable source @evleaks could be a forthcoming product from the gaming accessory giant.

This fall, we saw the first two officially sanctioned iOS controllers crop up from Logitech and Moga. Each took a slightly different approach based on the reference designs Apple released at WWDC last summer. The Razer "Kazuyo" resembles the simpler button layout of the Logitech Powershell with just a D-pad, and ABXY buttons.

Other new features? This time around, it appears that you can tilt the position of the screen to an angle of your liking. Not a huge development, but I will say that the overall fit and finish looks clean and comfortable, so I'm excited to see Razer's gamepad—assuming it's real. [Twitter]