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I recently got some hands-on time with RCA's 25110RE3 SOHO cordless headset and phone, which is aimed at the home-office set. I fell pretty hard for it at first. The slim phone and headset both charge on a base that is separate from the main station, so the mini-base doesn't need a phone jack and won't get tangled in my desktop cable octopus. Switching from the handset to the headset is done with one button, and the headset is light and comfortable (I couldn't gauge sound quality because it was powered off). The main base station is a square box with a plug on the back. The advantage of this design is that the base — which has a 300-foot range — gets hidden away. The disadvantage is obvious: it's impossible to put on a power strip, and isn't going to look that great hanging off the wall. The other downside, for me at least, is that there is no way to hook a recorder into this system for taping interviews. While there is a mini-jack on the handset, it would be impossible to use the headset while recording a conversation because there is no way to use both the handset and headset at the same time. Darn it! I was told this was not going to be on the market until January, but it looks like it will now be in stores for Christmas. $199.

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