Rdio-Rolling: The Best New Way to Punk Your Friends

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Social music services like Rdio and Spotify are a great way to discover new tunes because they pipe what your friends are listening to right to your dashboard. That can be embarrassing sometimes, but it can also be deviously fun.


Fire up Rdio or Spotify, and you'll see your friends' music feeds displayed across the bottom of the app. The feeds show everything people are adding to their collections, new playlists, songs being shared on Facebook and more.

Even better, Rdio uses the most listened tracks by your friends and network to populate its Heavy Rotation window. It's the first thing you see when you load the site (or app) and nothing gets more screen real estate. Which is what makes it so easy to be devious on Rdio. I call it Rdiorolling. It's sort of like passive Rickrolling. Here's how to do it.

Basically, the idea is that you want to earworm your friends with the worse music you can find. Start by creating a new playlist. Call it something like "Summer 2011," or similar.

Next, head over to the New Releases section on Rdio. These tracks tend to have a lot of people listening to them anyway, even if theye're bad, which means it's more likely you can get them into the Network Heavy rotation window. Find something terrible yet catchy. Sync the entire album to your collection (which will make it show up in your friends feeds) and then add it to the playlist. Repeat that with a few more albums.

Next up, you want to add some serious earworm stuff to the mix. Think: Abba, Air Supply, Black Eyed Peas, top 40 kind of stuff that everyone knows and nobody likes. Sync that all to your collection, and add it to the playlist. You're almost finished!


At the end of the day, or sometime when you won't be at your computer, fire up the playlist and hit play. Be sure to leave it on repeat. If you're really devious, you can get an in-network friend to help out. As your Rdio contacts see your music on their dashboards, some of them will play it (especially the news stuff) ensuring that it spreads further.

Have a great weekend everybody!




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