The Science Fiction And Fantasy Scenes We Can't Get Out Of Our Heads

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In response to a call for you to submit (and rank!) the best moments from science fiction and fantasy, you pulled moments that ranged from chest-bursting aliens to tube-grown dinosaurs to the Starship Enterprise.

Here are just some of our favorite highlights from the tour you took us on of great science fiction and fantasy moments:

Sean Kelley

The Moment: "Five card stud, nothing wild, and the sky's the limit."

Where It Comes From: The final scene of "All Good Things pt. 2," the series finale of "Star Trek the Next Generation."

Why It's The Greatest: So many reasons. Picard finally joins the other members of the crew in their regular card game which shows how far he's come along on his personal journey. The line itself evokes the spirit of Star Trek "the sky's the limit." The voyages of THIS Enterprise WILL continue. In addition, Picard's growth mirrors that of humanity which Q had put on trial in this episode. We will continue to grow, explore, and improve as we journey through the cosmos.

Mortal Dictata

The Moment: Alien Chestburster Scene

Where it comes from: Alien

Why it's the greatest: At this point you think the threat has passed but it happens so suddenly. Also the little looks at Ash's passive face brilliantly hint at his soon to be revealed psychotic personality.

Captain Max and JINX

The Moment: The Star Destroyer chasing the Tantive IV

Where It Comes From: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Why It's The Greatest: This scene shows you right up front the scale and ambition of the movie that you are about to watch. The audience realizes that there aren't going to be any cheesy ships floating by on strings in this movie. It raises the bar for every science fiction movie to come.

That Small Dark Voice

The Moment: "All those... moments... will be lost in time, like... tears... in... rain. Time... to die..."

Where It Comes From: Blade Runner, if you didn't figure it.

Why It's The Greatest: The replicant, the monster, facing his end, and in so doing, displays more humanity than most of the "humans" ever did. A paradox encapsulating the human condition, and still the greatest dying soliloquy in modern cinema.


THE MOMENT: The very first dinosaur reveal.


WHY IT'S THE GREATEST: It's one of those moments that stirs the awe and wonder of the inner 10-year-old boy in every single one of us. A visually stunning breakthrough that immediately tells you that movie viewing is never going to be the same. JP actually has two such scenes: This one and the T-Rex attack.


Moment: The Doctor and Sally's "conversation."

From: Doctor Who "Blink"

Because: Whenever fans want to introduce people to Doctor Who, THIS is the episode they show them and THIS is the scene that makes it memorable (aside from the Angel's face changing and the shaking of the TARDIS). It connects and solves many of the episode's mysteries in one scene, uses time travel in an original way never before seen (I think), and created a quote (DON'T BLINK!) and NuWho enemies (Weeping Angels) that have become part of not only Who mythology, but the scifi/fantasy lexicon as a whole. Also it's a REAL easter egg on the Series 3 dvd!


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