Real-Life Edward Scissorhands Cuts Hair With 10 Scissors At Once

Sorry, Johnny Depp. You were great in the original Edward Scissorhands, but this real life maestro of the blades from Israel puts your whole emo trip through suburbia to shame. And while hairdresser Danny Bargil lacks the hotness of a sidekick like Winona Ryder, and he can't kill a man with his bare feet a la Adam Sandler as the Israeli commando hairdresser Zohan, he makes up for it with the fact that he's flinging 10 sharp things at a person's head and they leave with both ears. Reuters got some video of the man in action, after the jump.

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At 10 blades, Bargil's attempt is a world record, and bests the best of what the Japanese had to offer in 2006 with an all-in-one 9-blade pair of scissors. Finally, just for kicks (pun totally intended), here's Zohan, that other kick ass Israeli hairdresser.




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