Real Patriots Use a Flag Frame That Simulates it Blowing in the Wind

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(Note: This article is best enjoyed with the Battle Hymn of the Republic playing in the background.) Does anything stir your inner-patriotism than seeing the old red, white, and blue blowing in the wind? Obviously not, so a couple of guys invented a flag frame that simulates that effect in your living room.

To maximize its patriotic effect you’ll definitely want to use the InMotion Frame with Old Glory, but since it will be available in two different sizes—2x3 feet and 3x5 feet—you can actually swap in any flag you’d like. Whether it’s from your favorite college team, your branch of the military, or even the Jolly Roger for those who’ve ever dreamed of the pirate life.


Using a built-in fan hidden under the left side of the frame, you can adjust the intensity of your waving flag from a slight breeze, to an intense gust as if the Blue Angels have just just flown past. You will need to hang the frame somewhere close to an outlet so you can plug it in, but otherwise you can hang it anywhere in your home or office—because that’s what freedom’s all about.


The inventors of the InMotion Frame, Angelo Fruci and Adam Mallek, have chosen the crowdfunding route to help bring their creation to other patriotic Americans, and their Kickstarter campaign is very close to reaching its $10,000 funding goal.

If you want to help the pair out, and pre-order an InMotion Frame for your own home, a donation of $400 will secure you one of the 2x3-foot models. But for an extra $75 the $475 3x5-foot model will really tell people how much you love your country—or your favorite NFL team.


Both are expected to ship closer to the end of the year, barring any production catastrophes. Which is perfect, because when it’s cold and snowy outside, it means you can still proudly fly your flag indoors.

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