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Rebecca Black and Nyan Cat Played Together Actually Sound Awesome

This is Lara playing piano. Not only she's bee-ooh-tee-ful, but she's so amazingly talented that she manages to make that dreadful Internet phenomenon called Rebecca Black sound awesome. How in hell, do you ask? By adding the Nyan Cat tune!


Well, maybe it's not exactly awesome, but certainly sounds very good. Totally worth of being copied by Coldplay for their next hit. You can listen to the original tunes in the gallery and see what an amazing job Lara did with this mash-up. [Thanks Karl!]

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I hate how this song is only referred to as "Nyan cat" now. It's a Touhou song if I'm correct.

I found this song about half a year ago when someone posted a video in a forum I used to go to. The video I have hear is similar.

I loved the song, since it was just like a gentle background-music song.

Then Nyan Cat happened. I never did like nyan cat. I found it ridiculously bland and overused. It was very poor pixel art .GIF loop put to an amazingly annoying version of the song.