Rebecca Black's 2,000th Tweet Is Very Bad

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Have you been waiting for this moment as long as we have? Rebecca Black, tween advocate and former Internet Thing, just hit her 2,000th tweet! Wait, only 2,000? Well, whatever—at least it was remarkably lame.

Ms. Black, who has about twice as many followers as Gizmodo and probably really enjoys slap bracelets, wants everyone to know that she "[feels] a lot of pressure to make this tweet great. well." Well what? Hard to say. Rebecca Black has probably had a lot of pressure on her ever since she became a celebrity because of singing poorly. Rebecca Black probably just went insane. Did we expect anything else from Rebecca Black, really? Rebecca Black is under a lot of pressure. Rebecca Black just tweeted 2,000 times—like two days ago, when she tweeted "hehehe thanks!" to a pal. Rebecca Black has a new music video out.

Here it is.