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Recording Industry Bleeding Cash, Album Sales Down for Seventh Straight Year

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Is the glass half-empty or half-full? Album sales dropped again, but the saving grace of the music industry was digital downloads, up 65% from the year before. Conventional music sales were down 4.9%, with Disney's teenybopper favorite High School Musical soundtrack topping the motley list.


Of course, the sleazy grandma-suing record companies will blame pirates for poor sales, which is much easier than actually signing competent artists who don't crank out shitty music year after year. Most of the steaming heap is not even worth stealing.

Digital sales boost music industry [Variety]

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The music industry has failed the consumer. They keep pumping out no talent one hit wonders. Why would I want to buy a complete album for the average cost of 15 bux thats including tax. So people go out and download one or two songs from the album at around a couple of bux. There is a big difference. I remember when I was growing up that when an artists album came out, ALL the songs had better be great where you are pulling more than one number 1 hit. This is not the case these days. I too have found myself downloading older songs and not anything from new artists. There are a couple of newer bands that I enjoy their work, but after sampling the album, only one or two are worth the purchase. I refuse to play 13-15 bucks for an album when I only like maybe two out of the whole mix.

to quote Axtell " Quit asking radio and the mainstream media to tell you what to listen to - use the technology you have to reach out and find new music worth buying."

this is so true. To be honest with you. My music collection has gotten bigger with the no named bands, the ones that the radio stations are not playing. Remember how the industry works? The radio stations get PAID to play the music they are TOLD to play for the record execs.

Who loses out: The Musicians and the Consumer.

These are the reasons for the last 7 years the sales have slipped. Not from people that are downloading the music for free, but the execs running the show putting out no talent bands and not really promoting the ones that do have talent. Corporate America is killing the scene. They have done it to themselves and it shows. They find a great band and pump them out, people love them, then they find all the clones out that that may come close to sounding like them and we all just get tired of it. Its been going on for years. Remember this: There is a 10 year rule on music. It has always cycled after a decade..... th time has come for the new vamp of music. Maybe we can find another handful of bands that are worth our money. At this point; The consumers have said... stick it......then we have RIAA...... but thats another story....... this is what has killed the music scene and industry.