RED Gives Up Making Consumer Cameras, Saying "We Had No Idea What We Were Doing"

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They might be struggling with how to position themselves in the market, but at least RED is willing to jump onto their message boards and update everyone on what they're doing. A lot of companies could learn from that transparency.

Still, it's not at all surprising that the delayed prosumer Scarlet camera is going to cost $1,000 more and be aimed at professionals when it hits. Jim Jannard, the founder of RED, has said that they "recently came to the conclusion that, indeed, we cater to the professional market. That's it. A pro camera company. We want to build the best tools possible for those that want to "man up". There are plenty of companies dedicated to selling prosumer (short for "almost right") cameras. We aren't going to be one of them."


It seems one of the hardest things with the Scarlet is that "5K/120fps on a postage stamp as never been done before by anyone, let alone by a new company that has no idea what they were doing and no library of information." I do admire his honesty. [EOSHD via WetPixel]