The makers of that Red One Digital Cinema camcorder that's supposedly able to crank out 4K resolution—that's super HD rez rivaling film—have finally rolled out a price list today, headed up by the already-announced $17,500 for the camera body. Considering that other cameras that can do similar things cost at least seven to 10 times more than that, that's groundbreaking. But that price is just for openers.

In addition to that initial cost of entry, the company will also offer two different production packs, one for $1250 that includes such basic things as a shoulder pad, mounting brackets, handles and rods, and then there's the $2750 premium production pack with even more of the same. Then there's a lot more exorbitantly-priced choices, such as power packs, monitor options and memory cards. What gives?


The "pizza syndrome" prevails here (What? You want cheese with that?), where it looks like if you want a fully equipped camera it's going to cost you much more than $17,500.

We'll take a closer look at this camera and its snail's pace progress at NAB in April. Still missing from the Red Cinema vaporware site? A firm shipping date.

Update to commenter SenorPants: Thanks for that challenge. 4K resolution? Why, it's 4520 x 2540 as seen in the Red One (read my post about it here, or read the two-part interview I did at last year's NAB with one of the camera's makers here, or read the feature I wrote about the camera here). Or sometimes it's quoted as 4096 x 2160. You are very smart for asking that question, and we all admire you for it. Have a nice day. CW


One more update: Just to clarify why I mentioned the "snails pace" of the Red One's development, I noted that it's "still not shipping" because of a quote from Ted Schilowitz, Red's so-called "Leader of the Rebellion" who is in charge of the camera's development. He told me on April 25, 2006 in a face-to-face interview at NAB, of which I have an audio recording, that the company aimed to ship cameras by the end of 2006. Said Schilowitz, "Our goal is to have the first cameras shipping — how many we don't know yet — by the end of this calendar year. That's a target." Because this Gizmodo post was written on March 13, 2007, clearly that "target" date of December 31, 2006 had already passed without any cameras shipping. Read that full interview with Schilowitz here. CW

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