Red's CEO Confirms "Incredible" Product Re-Jig Announcement, November 13

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We already knew Red was going to totally revise its Epic and Scarlet cameras, and there was a rumor about a Red DLSR too: but Jim Jannard—Red's CEO—has just popped up on the RedUser forums and confirmed that there's going to be an announcement about the new Epics and Scarlets on November 13th. And if that news alone isn't interesting enough, get what Jim has to say about it:

I want to say that no one has any idea how incredible this announcement will be. Call this hype... please. I am quite sure that the announcement will be called a "scam". Should be a lot of fun to hear the reactions. I can't wait.


Doesn't that sound like something you definitely want to hear about? It's a pretty bold move making such a statement in so public a forum, and that's got our collective camera-geek brains ticking over. Could it be the fabled 4k video capture, a response to Canon and Nikon's recent video DSLR maneuver? We can't tell, of course...but at least we've not got long to wait to find out. [RedUser Thanks Brad!]



It has to be a response to the Canon 5D Mark II. Even better, they are making a DSLR that supports a Canon mount, is cheaper, and can record more than a 4 gig file (meaning they use some other file system besides FAT32). And they do all this for under $1,500. That would live up to the message sent IMO...

(disclaimer, my wife isn't thrilled that I want the new 5D, I already have a good investment in Canon glass, I love the red concept, just can't afford)