This is 1999 news, so apologies to anyone who already has the Relaxone gathering dust in his or her attic/can swear by its healing qualities/had a boiled egg for breakfast/got trapped in one when the lid got jammed and is still suffering flashbacks. I just thought you might want a break from cellphones.

So what is this thing? It is the brainchild of Swiss crazyman inventor and experimental psychologist Hugo B. J. Soder, although I would go as far as saying that this man is a conceptual artist, a genius, the Eggman, and if ever there was a vacancy for the job of God's design guru, then Soder should get it, the reason being this spherical thing you see here.


Now, you probably want a description. It's a massage chair with speakers, but that doesn't really do the Relaxone justice - because I am sure that it promotes world peace, trims your merkin, cures cancer and clips hanging chads in Florida. Mr (Doctor? Professor? Lord? Duke? His Experimental Celestialness?) Soder's own blurb after the jump. Just in case you're curious, like.

The active relaxation is essentially provoked by listening to the especially composed music, through the acoustic system of the chair. The music is not only perceived by the ears, but also throughout the whole body. The low frequencies put the muscles in resonance to provoke a spontaneous relaxation [you don't want to have it closed when this happens]. Conditions of listening are exceptional and will delight audiophiles.

The architecture and proportions of the chair create a feeling of total immersion in the music. The music envelops all the body and seems to come from everywhere, even at low volume. This effect of relief and depth is based on the physique of natural acoustics, as well as on the choice and the disposition of the interior coverings of the chair. All these elements improve dramatically the efficiency of short (10 to 20 minutes) relaxation musical programs.

The natural shape in dual hemispheres of RelaxOne is aesthetic and ergonomic. It works preferably in opened position, but the superior element can be closed for an increased protection against environmental disturbances. The armchair rests on an omni-directional air suspension that amplifies the natural movements of the body to create a spontaneous rocking effect. RelaxOne is equipped with a multi-dimensional sound system, with a CD player operated by remote control and with an internal ambient light for reading. Elements are cast in composite materials and can be recycled by the constructor.


Product Page [Relaxman via Red Ferret]