Relive Every Major Game of Thrones Death in This Clever Hand-Drawn Montage

Image: HBO
Image: HBO

So many characters have come and gone on Game of Thrones, sometimes it’s almost impossible to keep track. If you need a refresher on who’s kicked the Westerosi bucket, and how exactly they left this mortal coil, this hand-drawn video montage should do the trick.


Austrian artist Hannes Sommer released a really cool single-shot video where he unveils the deaths of all the major Game of Thrones characters... so far (still got two seasons of mass murder left). Sommer drew all of the illustrations by hand, saying it took him about 150 hours. That makes him pretty damn lucky the video turned out as well as it did. One wrong paint slash and he would’ve been back at page one.

The illustrations alone are great, and echo some of his previous Game of Thrones work. But I was having a ball at how he showed each of the deaths. Lysa Arryn and Walder Frey were my favorites, though I also loved how he handled the whole Jon Snow “dead-not-dead” thing. Check out the video below, and let us know who you’d like to see grace Sommer’s book of death next. My money’s on Littlefinger. That little snot has it coming.


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We never saw Sandor “The Hound” Clegane die, because he obviously did not. Yet no mention of his return is alluded to in this video.