Remainders - The Good, Bad and Ugly Things We Didn't Post (and Why)

In a very special episode of Remainders, we've got: A Verizon-iPhone quote from somebody who would actually know something (Verizon exec!), the anti-COFEE tool DECAF revealed as a hoax, Xperia X10 at the FCC, and (no lie) Three Walrus Moon.

Verizon iPhone Rumor From a Non-Analyst (Whaa?)

Analysts can blah blah blah about the Verizon iPhone all they want, but we ain't buying it until we see some hard proof. Now, Verizon's CTO made a statement that looks as if it's that proof we've been wanting:

"We have put things in place already," Melone reportedly said. "We are prepared to support that traffic."


Ah. Well, it's not exactly a confirmation that Verizon's getting the iPhone. It actually seems like another dig at AT&T's network problems—he's just saying that if a huge blockbuster handset like the iPhone were to come in 2010, Verizon's network could handle that kind of traffic. So, Remaindersed. [AppleInsider]

COFEE-Beating DECAF Software Revealed as Hoax

DECAF, which supposedly disabled Microsoft's COFEE forensics tool, has been revealed as an elaborate hoax by its creators. Looks like it was created to draw attention to the fact that COFEE is actually not as effective a tool as they'd like—in fact, the hoaxers view COFEE as vastly inferior to properly trained forensics experts. So, we, like everybody else, got duped. Seems to us that software that actually could defeat COFEE would be make a stronger statement than a hoax, but we'll never know now. [Seattle P-I]


Sony Ericsson's Xperia X10 Android Phone Hits FCC

This one's simple: FCC posts are boring. They rarely give us new information, and the FCC photographers are notoriously artless. But the Xperia X10 is an exciting gadget, with its flashy Android skin, and it looks like we've got confirmation that the X10 should hit either T-Mobile or be sold unlocked, due to the support of the EDGE 850/1900 spectrum. More details as we hear more about the phone's eventual release. [Engadget]


Jesus Diaz Has Odd(ly Hilarious) Taste in T-Shirts

Three Wolf Moon is cliche. But our own Jesus Diaz has moved beyond the internet sensation to its logical sequel: Three Walrus Moon. Really, this t-shirt was just delivered to our HQ today, addressed to Jesus, and he's been elusive about offering official comment. All we can say is: Watch out, ladies.


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