Rentcaddy: Perfect Waste of $10

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This has to be one of the stupidest products of all time. It's a holder for your rental DVDs. That's right. It's just for the DVDs you get in the mail from Netflix, so that you can easily mail 'em off after you're done. Apparently just keeping them nicely stored in their own envelopes isn't good enough for some people. And if that's not stupid enough, this thing looks like a hacked version of an Office Max CD holder. To top it off, the whole thing costs a crazy $10 plus shipping. People, if you really have that much trouble keeping your mail-in DVDs together, do what I do: Just leave 'em next to the DVD player. Believe me, it works. No need to be spending the $10 for a cheap-o "caddy" that you can use to rent more DVDs.

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