"Repo Chick" Trailer Is Even Weirder Than You Thought

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The strange glut of movies with "repo" in their titles can end now. Alex Cox, director of the original 1980s weirdo aliens epic Repo Man, rules them all with Repo Chick. The newly-released trailer looks hilarious and awesome.

Cox, who also directed brilliant 80s cult fave Sid and Nancy, as well as 2008 Western satire Searchers 2.0, says that Repo Chick is a "freestanding film." Like Repo Man, however, it's about "economic crisis."


It also looks like a sendup of everything from rich girl reality TV culture and the mortgage crisis, to vegan chic and even steampunk (they're trying to seize a train - what could be more Victorian retro than that?). The film debuted a few months ago at the Venice Film Festival, and is supposedly coming to the US this year. Can't wait to see this one.