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Report: Apple Will Begin Making a Jewelry-Classified Gadget This Month

Illustration for article titled Report: Apple Will Begin Making a Jewelry-Classified Gadget This Month

We've been following the emergence of Apple's sapphire production plant in Arizona closely this year, since it tells us a lot about the products coming down the line. Now, Mark Gurman reports, filings from Apple indicate that not only is the company manufacturing a new sapphire product this month—it's being classified as "jewelry."


And no, it's not a smart ring. Probably. Rather, documents unearthed by analyst Matt Margolis detail the components in a new product, including a sapphire glass described as "Articles Of Jewelry Of Precious Or Semiprecious Stones." The filing came from Apple's Director of Global Trade Compliance in early July, addressed to the U.S Department of Commerce, describing a "aggressive go-live timeline of August 2014." The fact that the component is described as "jewelry" seems to indicate that the component will be something worn—e.g., a health-tracking iWatch, as plenty of speculation has suggested over the past year.

Now, since Apple is already planning the launch of the iPhone 6 on September 9, this filing could, in theory, be about a coating for the new phone. But Gurman points out a crucial distinction that would prove there are two new products coming our way, and one of them isn't a phone: The fact that Apple already filed documents for a sapphire phone display this year. So this new "jewelry" component is, it would seem, far more likely destined for a wearable. [9to5Mac]


New sapphire by Derek Harvey:

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