Report: Apple Will Bundle Beats Music Into iOS Next Year

The Financial Times reports that Apple will bundle the Beats Music subscription service into a forthcoming version of iOS. Though it's not clear what form this bundling will take, it gels with some reports we've heard before, as well as with common sense.

The FT report doesn't specify just how Beats Music will come bundled into iOS "as early as March." One possibility is that it will be a pre-loaded app that retains the Beats branding. The more likely scenario would seem to be that the service would come baked into the existing iOS music app, much the way iTunes Radio does now. Along these lines, a previous report suggested that Beats Music would be folded into iTunes.


Here's what's clear and beyond obvious: Apple paid $3 billion for Beats, and it will mostly likely try to push the Beats Music services—if not necessarily the brand—on the hundreds on millions of iOS users. [Financial Times via The Tech Block]

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