Report: Apple's Home Automation System May Be Simpler Than You'd Hope

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GigaOm has a report on Apple's forthcoming connected home system. According to the site, it might be a hell of a lot simpler—and perhaps disappointing—than we expected.

The system will be marketed under the purported "Made for iPhone" label. Per unnamed sources, GigaOm says:

[Our sources] explain that the smart home effort will have a heavy focus on connecting devices easily via Wi-Fi and will likely offer voice control via Bluetooth as well. However, it won't have some sort of software-based automation layer controlled by Apple that supersedes the original apps.


Meaning, it won't be the vast home connectivity system we'd hoped for. Rather, it will be a bunch of devices connected over Wi-Fi, pitched to us under the guise of home automation. If we're to believe the report, what we're looking at is a series of hubs that work with other devices that would be Made For iPhone capable. You could control your A/C with your iPhone or iPad for example, and you may or may not have voice controls and Bluetooth connectivity.

Made For iPhone devices might work with an app, says GigaOm. But it's possible they will unite the home outside of app-land. According to the report, chances are we are looking at something that unites a series of parters—EOMs that make lightbulbs, thermostats, door locks, etc.—rather than a full-on, life-changing smart home. We could learn more next week at WWDC. [GigaOm]


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