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Report: Christian Bale Will Play Steve Jobs

Illustration for article titled Report: Christian Bale Will Play Steve Jobs

Yes, we've known for a while that Christian Bale might be the next actor to portray Steve Jobs, but Variety now seems mighty sure: the publication is reporting that our favorite Batman will indeed play our favorite technology pitchman in Sony's new movie.


Mind you, Variety technically says that Bale is merely "in talks," but the rest of the article seems pretty certain that it's a done deal.

In case you've forgotten, Sony's film is the one penned by Aaron Sorkinwho also wrote the scripts for The Social Network and Moneyball) is directed by Danny Boyle (remember Slumdog Millionaire?) and is actually based on Walter Issacson's official biography of Steve Jobs. In other words, it's shaping up to be a class act. Maybe it'll be enough to wash away memories of that other Jobs film. [Variety]

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Didn't we have a Steve Jobs movie already?