Report: No Nokia Windows Phone Hotness Until 2012

Those of you hoping for a little Sea Ray in your stocking may end up sorely disappointed, if this report from AdAge is correct about the timing of Nokia's foundational Windows Phone. Chances are, it won't be home for the holidays.


That's based on marketing buys for the unannounced device, which don't start until early 2012 in the US. In fact, Nokia has yet to name a stateside agency to help usher its hail mary product into one of the world's largest smartphone markets.

The near future's looking brighter for European Sea Ray hopefuls, who may see the device hitting their shelves in the next few months. Europe may be one of Nokia's only footholds in the smartphone market, and the company's priority seems to be protecting what it has versus building what it doesn't. Which is probably smart, from a business perspective. But a little bit heartbreaking for those of us who are looking for a handset that lives up to Windows Phone's promise. [AdAge]



I am trying SO HARD and have been waiting SO LONG to get a WP7 device but Microsoft and Verizon won't take my money! Verizon's offering to date is still ONLY ONE WP7 DEVICE! ONE!! It's the old-as-hell HTC Trophy! Granted, they only recently started making WP7 devices available, but you're going to test drive a new OS with one old phone?!

If Verizon doesn't offer a new WP7 device this holiday season I'm going to be forced to go Apple and I sure as hell don't want to. I'm moving away from Android and not going back.