Report: So Robert Pattinson Is Definitely, Maybe Batman Now?

He’s just as uncertain as we are, probably.
He’s just as uncertain as we are, probably.
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A few weeks ago, the internet was shook by news that Robert Pattinson was the new Batman, replacing Ben Affleck under the comic book cowl. And then...maybe he wasn’t just yet? Maybe it was X-Men’s Nicholas Hoult? Who could say. Now, we have an update, and the update is...“maybe?”


Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has now officially settled on Pattinson over Hoult as its choice to replace Affleck in Matt Reeves currently untitled Batman movie (that may be called The Batman. God, do we know anything for sure about this film? Is it even about Batman!?). According to the site, Warner Bros. agonized over whether to go with Pattinson or the other main contender Nicholas Hoult, hosting two final camera tests with the actors yesterday before deciding to start negotiations with Pattinson for the role.

The Hollywood Reporter also notes that no deal has officially been signed yet, but Pattinson has indeed entered negotiations to potentially join the DC cinematic universe. It explicitly notes that it is currently “unclear” as to whether Pattinson has actually agreed to an offer yet though, so there is still a chance—a small one perhaps, but a chance nonetheless—that Pattinson could back out of talks or negotiations could break down.

But for now, it seems that the former Twilight icon (and much more) is your new Dark Knight. Maybe. Possibly. We’ll see. io9 has reached out to Warner Bros., who have now confirmed to us that Pattinson is currently “in negotiations” for the project. We’ll let you know more as we learn it.

This post has been updated to reflect comment from Warner Bros. about the status of Pattinson’s negotiations.

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Angrier Geek

I’m totally fine with this casting. Seriously. If there’s one thing DC/WB has done as well as Marvel/Disney it’s solid casting. I mean, they waste it, but everyone has been on point. Even Ben Affleck turned out to be a good call as Batman. So, yeah, they’ve earned the benefit of a doubt in this regard.