Report: Sony Pictures Suspends Shoots Because It Can't Process Payments

Image for article titled Report: Sony Pictures Suspends Shoots Because It Can't Process Payments

The Times of London is reporting that Sony Pictures "cancelled shoots because the problems have left it unable to process payments." The paper cites only one source in its report, but at this point, nothing seems surprising in the world of SPE. The historically awful hack from a couple weeks ago just gets more awful with each passing day.


That said, the sheer chaos surrounding the Sony Pictures hack is reason enough to be suspicious of a thinly sourced report like this. The Times also says that the agencies Sony Pictures has hired for these movies have stopped shooting, so it doesn't appear to be a company-wide issue. It's hard to know just how many pictures may have been affected. But even if it's just one, this looks like one of those instances of the hack hurting Sony's bottom line. Surely, it's one of many.

We've contacted Sony Pictures for more details about the situation and will update this post if they reply. [Times]



Can someone (honestly) explain to me how a hacker can destroy a computer network or system. I understand erasing data, but some how physically destroying the servers remotely is what I am not understanding. Are there not automated independent safeties built into the systems if they start to over heat or something. Maybe i am just thinking to analog, or was Sony just that easy to knock out?