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Reports of Gizmodo/Engadget Throwdown Greatly Exaggerated

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's a good thing this story written by satirical website CAP News isn't true. The goofy web rag has Engadget and Gizmodo going at it, "planning to meet at the flagpole at 3 p.m. tomorrow to determine once and for all which site reigns supreme." Even though such a hand-to-hand battle would certainly never take place, if it did, we're sure the world-class Muay Thai skills of our fearless leader Brian Lam would teach those Engadget wusses a lesson. But no, this CAP report is entirely fictional. We have nothing but love for our esteemed competitors, and would rather get together with them for a nice tea party than get out the chains, knives and guns for some street combat. We're much too civilized for that. Now Halo 3, that's another story altogether. [CAP News]