Reservoir Dogs: Everybody Dies

Quentin Tarantino makes really violent movies, but there are none quite as psychologically warped as his directorial debut, Reservoir Dogs.

A crime boss hires a dream team of dapper operatives to perform a huge diamond heist. It goes wrong and we don't know why or what happened. In fact, the movie is less about the diamond heist and more about its aftermath—what's going to happen to these men?


It's hard to be on the fence about Quentin Tarantino—you either love his stylized schtick or your hate it, but of all of his movies Reservoir Dogs is the hardest one to blast. Are the crooks caricatures? Yes, but they're played by great actors who make very bad characters into endearing people. You desperately want them all to survive, and you know almost right from the start that, sadly, most of them won't. [Netflix]

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