Retro Arcade Light Switch Doesn't Require a Single Quarter

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Somewhere there's a tired joke about the Konami code waiting to be made for this awesome arcade-themed light switch plate. But we're going to take the high road here and just focus on why this is a must-have addition to your gaming room.


For starters, besides a controller, the only tool you need to know how to use for installation is a screwdriver. There's no wiring or soldering involved, and you don't even need to turn off the juice first.

You just pop off your old lame-ass light switch cover and screw this replacement back on. Moving the joystick up and down flicks the underlying switch off and on, and a set of AA battery-powered buttons make cheesy video game sound effects when pressed. What else could you possibly need for $30? A glowing Power-Up graphic when you turn the lights on? It's got that too. [ThinkGeek]

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20 bucks maybe but 30? Tack onto that the 10 dollars they will charge to ship this? No thank you.

I wanted to buy an awesome death star tea ball the other day but it was 20 bucks with 7 dollars shipping. I will just stick to my 3.95 one thanks.