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Retromodo: Laptop Catches Fire at LAX, Foreign Woman Freaks Out

Remember that old exploding battery episode? Here's a clip we haven't seen before of it. A very scary video with fireballs jumping from the Sony battery-infested body of this laptop. The people in the terminal sure are freaking out, screaming "OH MY GOD" and jumping up on those vinyl seats. That's probably what we'd do too—not reach in an try and save his porn like the dude halfway in the clip.UPDATE: Apparently, people have been linking to this story as new. I've edited this post to make it more clear that it is an old but recently discovered clip. If you need to check on your Dell's battery to see if it is of the exploding variety, they've written to remind us that you can do so here.


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@SharkByte: How exactly would you have "helped"? Do you have magic abilities to put out chemical fires with you mind or something? Do you know where the fire extinguishers are located in all airports?

Just what kind of "help" can a bystander offer here other than saying "hey look a fire! Don't go near it!"?