Reviewed: Sweex 5.1 Home Theater Headphones (Verdict: Unimpressive)

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Pocket-lint in the UK took the time to review the Sweex 5.1 Home Theater Headphones, putting them though the paces, only to come away with a bewildered look on their faces. It seems that the headphones suffer from a bit of an identity crisis: they're a little too cheap for serious home theater buffs, but may be a little much for people used to Apple's earbuds. The headphones perform about as well as similarly-priced headphones on the market, which is to say they're just OK.

Many of the features fell on deaf ears, such as "active bass with vibration function," which excelled only at giving the reviewer an active bass headache.


Gamers lacking a true 5.1 setup may be the ones gaining the most with these headphones, as they provide decent enough sound for many of today's games, games that aren't exactly models of aural excellence.

For £35 (or about $66), the Sweex 5.1 Home Theater Headphones represent a so-so entry into the world of upscale (well, compared to earbuds and the like) headphones. Just don't expect your world to be rocked.


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