Reviewed: Thomas Pink Commuter Shirt (Verdict: Skip the Commute)

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Purveyor of high fashion for men, Thomas Pink is introducing what it calls the Commuter Shirt, a $140 classic men's dress shirt available in blue and white with a few extras thrown in to help the commuting, tech-savy crowd out there. The gang at Spungle gave it a nice overview, but found a few faults in so doing. Primarily, the Commuter Shirt is a normal, high quality shirt with strategically-located pockets for iPods, business cards and the like, and a compartment of sorts that hides your headphone wires so that you don't look like an electrician walking down the street. A nice idea, granted, but the implementation was found to be a little off. The iPod pocket really only functions as advertised if you're right-handed and the "dewiring" process—where you remove the headphone wires from their compartment in the shirt—is a bit of an exercise of futility. The reviewers thought that you're better off getting a regular Thomas Pink shirt if you feel the need to spend hundreds of dollars.

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