Revolting Bug Tornadoes Will Make You Itchy All Day

This has to be one of the most repulsive sights I've ever seen. They call them bugnadoes, gigantic vortexes of flying bugs that are invading the Missouri's riverine land every day at dusk. Creepy? It gets worse:

The first night I saw them swarms of dragonflies were around, flying through them eating them.


So, imagine that: a tornado made of bugs and more swarms of bigger bugs eating them while all of them invade the countryside air at night. The bugs are "smoking out of tree tops, ditches and cornfields" because of the recent Missouri river's floods.

The guy who filmed it doesn't think they are mosquitoes.

While mosquitoes were nailing me at the time, I don't think these are mosquito swarms. Something else, I think anyway.

My whole body is itching now. [Thanks Karl!]

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