Revolution Desk Saves Space With a Fold-Away Workstation

It may not look as hot as the Sync Desktop concept, but the new Revolution Desk provides similar functionality in a product that you can actually own. The simple yet functional design incorporates a unique rotating panel surface that allows for an unobstructed forward view when using the computer, but can completely eliminate the monitor from sight when not in use. And the best part is that the actions are controlled simply by moving the keyboard tray in and out.


The Revolution Desk comes in three sizes—48, 60 and 72-inches as well as a variety of colors. As far as monitor size is concerned it appears that the rotating panel is restricted to 19-inches max, which is a disappointment—but I can still see it becoming popular in both office and domestic settings. Prices range from $500 to $700. [Versa Tables via The Design Blog]

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