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RFID Tag, for the Kiddies

Illustration for article titled RFID Tag, for the Kiddies

Just like squirrels and boars in the wild, overbearing parents can now tag their own children with RFID wristbands. This amusement-park kiosk system is called SafeTzone and lets parents give their children RFID wristbands that can track the tyke's every movement. The wristbands also work as debit cards so you can load up the wristband with money and have the day to yourself. Isn't technology great? It's like a free babysitter!


RFID Lets Parents Tag, Release Kids At Parks [The Raw Feed]

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hey, how about just implanting a gps beacon under the skin. You will always know which crack house they are at. how about watching your kids!!! Our country is all about lack of parental responsibilites. then suing someone else when things go horribly wrong