RIAA: Mission Accomplished


Delusion is a strong drug. It causes us to fall in love with horrible people, make bad business decisions, and say that illegal MP3-sharing has been "contained." This is kind of like Elliot Ness cracking open a few barrels of Canadian whiskey and announcing that bootlegging has been stopped.

With the death/rebirth of ThePirateBay and the fear of god and lawsuits pumped into 60-year-old ladies who lunch in Peoria, the RIAA may feel that on the surface, at least to the folks who matter, piracy looks dead. We all know, however, that this stuff will go on long after Mitch Bainwol is nodding into is porridge at the Beverly Hills Home for the Rich Aged.

Granted, he does say:

"The problem has not been eliminated," says association CEO Mitch Bainwol. "But we believe digital downloads have emerged into a growing, thriving business, and file-trading is flat."


If by "flat" he means "increasing secretly through DarkNets, torrents, and IRC channels," then flat is right!

RIAA chief says illegal song-sharing 'contained' [USAToday]

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