Say, we haven't heard from the RIAA in a little while. What are they up to? Oh, evil you say? So nothing new. The latest offense is the RIAA mounting a court challenge to force satellite radio companies XM and Sirius to pay them more in licensing fees and not allow users to record songs they hear.

You know, like how when people learned how to tape songs off the radio in the '80s it almost killed the industry. They're trying to avoid another disaster like that. The RIAA is using the proposed XM-Sirius merger to get their anti-consumer message out there, requesting that the whole approval process hinge on their wishes. It's all about you, isn't it RIAA? So selfish.


You've got to love the fact that the RIAA is throwing their weight around to put pressure on a couple of companies that actually get money from music fans. Why work with them when you can send legions of flesh-eating lawyers after anyone who tries to build a successful business model around music? []

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