The One Time Rick And Morty Almost Went Too Far

For an enlightening peek inside the mind of series creator Justin Roiland before the show's first season finale, check out his interview with Animation World Network. Roiland talks about everything from getting the news about season two to the controversial near-rape scene in "Meeseeks and Destroy."

Speaking about the latter, Roiland speaks with great maturity about handling the scene in a respectful way while getting approval from Standards and Practices.

That was a sequence that I was very hands-on with. It was a structural component of the story that needed to happen. We had issues with Standards & Practices on it and there was a brief period of time when we were worried the whole story could fall apart due to them saying, "No, you can't do this to a 14-year-old character on a cartoon show." I wanted to make sure that we weren't making light of that kind of thing. I remember the first storyboard I got for it was very cartoony. Mr. Jellybean was climbing up Morty's back and it was not as weighty and grounded. I was just like, "This needs to feel like a scene from a Jodie Foster movie. It can't be jokey. It needs to be feel really straight and dramatic and horrifying because it is." It's a horrible thing. It's such a jarring and unexpected twist in the story. Morty goes into that bathroom like he's still trying to win this bet and he's in this whimsical land and he's inching closer to winning it, and he leaves and he just doesn't even care. He's pretty much just learned the lesson that, "Rick was right, this place is chaotic." It was just such a pivotal point. Luckily, Mike Lazzo really helped explain it to S&P and said, "Look, this is important to the integrity and structure of the episode. If you take this out what do we replace it with?"

He also shared his worries that the scene might trigger viewers who watch the show to avoid such real situations. But he is still proud of how the show handled such a "real" moment and the discussion it created.

The rest is full of tidbits about the finale, which will end the season on a more fun note. Check out the full interview for more.


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