Ricky Gervais Tells The World's First Lie And Chris Pine Is Bringing Bird Flu Back

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If you lived in a world where no-one lied but you, what would your first fib be? I'm partial to Ricky Gervais' "The world will end if we don't have sex right now" moment. Lies, plagues and new trailers await.

The Invention of Lying:
In a world where people don't know how to lie, Gervais (who discovers this new power at the bank) is King. Movies like this are always tricky; I can get behind the "alternate reality that doesn't know how to lie" world but I'm having a little trouble with exactly why this means people are just going to blurt out every single thought in their head? Oh well, looks like we'll just have to sign on to this one. The comedy (which has a large collection of comedian cameos) will be out September 25, 2009.

I have no idea how this little gem escaped me but it's an bird flu plague direct-to-DVD that includes Christopher Meloni, Pipwe Perabo and Chris Pine. Looks like your traditional outbreak epidemic, but Piper gets stupid and tries to help the sick kid (NEVER help the sick kid). It looks pretty interesting, but I bet they're kicking themselves for going with the less popular of the animal-named sicknesses.


Robo Geisha
In bloody indie news, Noboru Iguchi's been showing off his new Robo Geisha trailer. Which we hope is as great as it sounds.

Twitch got a sneak peek and described it like this:

Robot Geishas obviously. Lots of them. Transforming robot geishas. And also samurais. And I believe a ninja or two. In a clan war. With robotic buildings as weapons, katanas out the bum, katanas out the arm pits, fried shrimp shoved into eyes. It is absolutely daft, the budget and scope of it look significantly higher than on Machine Girl and I can't wait to see more.