Ricoh Caplio R6: Instant 16x Zoom To Review Sharpness Not To Be Used With Britney Spears Photos

Say Yowzah to the Caplio R6. It's hard to know which feature to pick out first from this point-and-shooter, as Ricoh have come up with a whole host of nice additions. How about the quick review feature that lets you instantly enlarge an image 16 times to check the sharpness of your photos? Maybe it's the internal memory of 54MB, so you're not totally screwed when your memory card decides not to play ball. Perhaps the new face-recognition mode, so even while your life moves in a blur, at least your photos won't. Or do you think you need the File Recovery feature to restore the images your Mom threw away by mistake when she was fiddling with the camera? All these and more are available (UK gets first dibs this month) for £229.99 ($440 in our money). A picture of its backside and the specs after the jump.

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7.1x optical wide zoom lens (28-200 mm) in 35 mm camera format)
7.2 megapixel
20.6mm wide (at its thinnest point)
CCD-shift vibration correction
Movie-making at 30/15 frames per second
18 different scene modes
Face recognition mode
54MB internal memory
Redesigned double-retracting lens system
Vibration correction function
Dual size recording mode (handy for all bloggers)
Auto-sensitivity mode up to 1600 ISO
2.7-inch LCD
330-shot battery life
Rechargeable Battery DB-70
Battery Charger BJ-7
USB Cable / AV Cable
Software CD-Rom
File Recovery
Wide and Telemacro
Colours: Silver; Black; Red

Ricoh Caplio R6 has big LCD [Adorama]

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