Ricoh GR Digital III Point-and-Shoot's Fast 28mm f/1.9 Lens Makes Our Hands All Sweaty

If you know how to tame them, Ricoh's point-and-shoots are phenomenal, and I want to start taming their GR Digital III like now. The fast 28mm f/1.9 lens—a rarity on a point-and-shoot—is just the half of it.


It uses a new 10-megapixel CCD sensor and image processing engine—creatively monikered GR Engine III—which promises to reduce noise "without loss of resolution or saturation." That, plus the fast lens, will hopefully alleviate some of the issues we ran into with their recent CX1.

It uses a new white-balance system that doesn't use an average setting for the whole image, but uses separate readings from the light and dark sections of the shot. It'll burst fire up to five RAW format shots a second, which is DSLR class stuff. Also up to DSLR snuff is the 920,000 dot 3-inch LCD on the back. It's coming out for around $875 in the UK next month—hopefully it'll mosey over here before too long. [Ricoh via Amateur Photographer]


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