DudeFoods made a towering sandwich with 26 different ingredients, one for each letter of the alphabet, because, well, someone had to see what the alphabet in sandwich form would look like. There's the ABC's of sandwiches (also known as the the things that make any sandwich better) in avocado, bacon and cheese along with the other letters which consisted of:

Doritos, egg, fish sticks, garlic bread, ham, Italian sausage patty, jalapenos, Krispy Kreme donut, lettuce, mac and cheese, noodles, onion rings, pepperoni, Queso blanco dip, ramen noodles, spinach, turkey burger, Usingers bratwurst, veal parmesan, waffle, xylocarp (coconut), yams and zucchini. It's impossible to eat as a sandwich but I would have no shame knife and forking this.


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